Overwrite Survey123 Connect Feature Layer to Correct Table Question Order

05-12-2023 04:50 AM
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I have a survey that I've made some changes to the form, but within the feature layer table, the newly added question now appears at the end of the table and not in the order it should appear within the table.  I read in another users question that you can overwrite the survey feature layer, but I don't see an option within Survey123 Connect to do this.  Or is it that I have to delete my feature layer from the survey folder within AGO and republish the survey to get it to create a new feature layer which should then have my questions appear in the right order within the table?  I'm using version 3.17. I'm relatively new to Survey123 Connect and any help would be greatly appreciated!  

Survey Table 1.PNG Question 4 on the far right in the image is not in the correct location within my feature layer table.

Survey Table 2.PNG It should be placed between question 3 and 5 in this image.

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Hi @Bec,

Deleting the feature service in the survey folder and republishing would re-create the feature layer. You could also save a new version of the survey with the 'Save as' option in the Connect gallery.


Also, for reference, this table explains which edits will cause an existing feature service to be overwritten on republish from Connect. https://doc.arcgis.com/en/survey123/desktop/create-surveys/updatesurvey.htm