or_other and choice_filter

01-24-2018 08:27 AM
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I have a survey that has a list of values that need to be filtered by the previous question so if question 1=A, Question 2 list is filtered to choices a,b,c. If Question 1=B Question 2 choices is filtered to x,y,z. I also want to allow "other" to show up no matter what the response to Question 1 is. I've used "or_other" but the choice_filter doesn't seem to work. How can I specify other in the choices tab and still use the choice_filter?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Evan,

The or_other keyword does not work with choice filters.  That being said, it should still be possible to set up a question with an 'other' choice always available.  Currently, it's a little complicated to set up - you need to have a filtering column for each value in the first question; in each column, if an answer should be displayed, place the choice name in that row.  a question like 'Other' should have a value in each column to enable display - see the attached example.

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Hi, is there any updates for having or_other function with choice_filter?

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