Option to set geoshape tool to "off"

08-12-2020 07:58 AM
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Using Survey 123 Connect to ask survey takers to delineate areas of interest using a geoshape.  When the map loads in the Survey, the survey taker will first need to search for their aoi typically using a lot of panning and zooming over a large initial extent.

It is non-intuitive that, in order to Pan using cntrl-left click , the survey taker must first "turn off" the geoshape drawing tool. 

Is there an option / method / parameter to have the geoshape icon be "off" when the map loads so the survey taker can immediately use cntrl-left click to pan?

Thank you!

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Hi Lynn,

Can you please confirm that you're talking about using the Survey123 field app (as opposed to the web app) on a desktop device? Regardless of the platform, you should not need to press CTRL to pan the map (CTRL+scroll will zoom the map in the web app). The geoshape question should allow you to first pan/zoom before then clicking on the 'vertex' or 'sketch' icons to begin capturing the geometry.

Are you able to share your xlsform so I can investigate further?



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