opening rsults survey123 as layer in arcgis online

05-22-2018 03:10 AM
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For a fieldwork I made a Survey using survey123, all students added survey points and now I want them to use the results inside ArcGIS Online (we have an organisation school account).

So what I did:

  1. I went to the data tab in Survey123
  2. visualised the results in a map viewer
  3. saved inside the map viewer the survey results as a layer
  4. made the layer accessible inside the organisation

Now when te students open that saved layer inside a new map in ArcGIS Online they see the layer, but ther are no data in it visible.

How can I solve this?

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Hi Luc,

Did you share the survey for viewing/analysis in using the Survey123 website?  This will create an access point (denoted with _stakeholder in the title) that is appropriate to share with the students; this should be the layer in the map (and shared to the organization or class group so the students can see it when logged in or shared to everyone so that they can see it when not logged in).

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