Open Survey123 from a field in Collector

12-27-2017 08:22 AM
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I'm trying to setup the collector and survey123 apps so they work together but I'm having problems.  I'm trying to get my users to be able to use collector to edit fields and related tables in a hosted feature layer and at the same time be able to link from Collector to open a survey in the Survey123 app and have one of the fields be pre populated from an existing field.  If I configure the pop ups in my map to use the custom attribute display with the link of: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=f3631284738e43e29c919b21aef7e19d&field:PoleNumber={MapNumber} when I use the collector app to open the survey my pole number field is populated with the number I expect but then I loose the ability to edit existing fields for that feature in collector.  If I setup my popups to display a list of field attributes and add a field with the  same survey123 url, when the link is clicked in collector the survey opens but the PoleNumber field doesn't have the actual number.  It just has {MapNumber}.  Do I need to use a different url or is this even possible to do? 

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Hi Mandy

The correct workflow is to launch Survey123 from collector via the popup - which as you say is working. The strange thing is that Collector is locking up as a result of this workflow. So that I can replicate, could you let me know the following:

 - The device and operating system you using

-  Versions of Survey123 and Collector

- The field type of MapNumber (Collector)

- The question type of PoleNumber (Survey123)

- The field types of the questions that you can't edit (Collector)



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I'm using a Samsung Tab E tablet.  I've also tried it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone with the same results.  I created the form and map on my Windows 7 desktop. 

Collector is version 17.0.4  Survey 123 is version 2.5.44

Field type of MapNumber is a string with length of 50.  Question type of PoleNumber is text with type of string and length of 50.

I'm not sure what you are wanting with the field types of questions in Collector that can't be edited. I have quite a few fields of various types that are set in the pop up that can't be edited.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Mandy,

Just to clarify, when you use a custom attribute display, the fields that can be viewed through the popup are configured when you click on the green configure button, highlighted in purple below:

If you only have a link to Survey123 configured in this popup, that is all that will display in the popup view. Typically the custom attribute display also needs to include a view of various attributes, as in the raw HTML markup below:

<b><font size="4">Feature Attribution</font></b><br /><br />

Date: {DATE_OF_VISIT}<br />
Visit Method: {VISIT_METHOD}<br />
Visit Purpose: {VISIT_PURPOSE}<br />
Activity: {ACTIVITY_TYPE}<br />
Description: {DESCRIPTION}<br /><br />

<font size="4"><a href="arcgis-survey123://?itemID=90405555825f48a394f6462a8ffaa223&field:ParentGlobalId={GlobalID}">Impact Survey</a><br /><br /></font>‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

The fields that can be edited are set through the Configure Attributes button (highlighted in red in the first image). Whatever fields in this that have the edit box checked should appear when you click the edit button in Collector. If you are viewing the custom attribute display popup, you have to click the top right button, and click Edit to go into Edit mode. Editing must be enabled on the layer in question in order to see this option.

If you have related records, these appear below the custom attribute display popup (i.e. they are not affected by using the custom attribute display).


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That works.  It'll take a little work to type all the fields I want to display in the custom attribute display but at least they can still see and edit the fields and link to the survey.

Thanks for your help!