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Offline Map Downloaded, but does not show up in the Basemap

03-10-2022 07:00 PM
New Contributor

I created a mobile map packaged, and linked it to a survey. In the field app, I can download the map, but when I go into the survey to collect data, the map does not show up when I go to choose a new basemap. Does anybody have any ideas why I can download the map but it does not show up?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @RugerCarter,

What projection is the mobile map package? And what is the size?

If you put the map package on the device manually, in the \ArcGIS\My Surveys\Maps\ folder does it work? Or if you navigate to it via the Maps library menu (Windows)?

Are you able to share the survey xlsx file and mobile map package?

See this doc for more information:



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