Nested Repeats Not Working with Polyline

04-18-2019 08:59 AM
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Here is the link to my survey:
My excel file is attached

I used the Beta Version to Create. My nested repeats worked fine when I created the Survey in Connect, but the attached one which was created from a feature service is just not working. 

When I try to refresh inbox or submit report it gets stuck on "Getting service information (INSPECTIONIMAGES)"

...just spins and spins

See attached picture. Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Hi Brita,

The issue appears to be with the existing feature service - by chance, was this published from ArcGIS Pro recently? The numbering of the feature service skips a number between the layers entires and table entries.  This will be fixed in the next version of ArcGIS Pro.  As a workaround, could you try to export your data as a file GDB and create the service by uploading it into ArcGIS Online via the web page?

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