Nested Repeats Not Working in Inbox

05-26-2021 01:52 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am having an issue with retrieving information from nested repeats in the Inbox for a Survey123 form (xlsx file attached).

When retrieving a record from the Inbox, it only displays the first level of the repeat; subsequent repeats within that first repeat are blank. I have set the bind::esri::parameters column to "query allow Updates=true" for all of the nested repeats.

I searched through similar topics and posts, but have not seen anyone else have this specific problem. Any insight is appreciated. Please let me know if any other information is needed. Thanks!

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I found that adding

query=1=1 allowUpdates=true

in the bind::esri:parameters column allowed for nested repeats to be updated from the Inbox. (JUst don't ask me what that does...)
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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for your reply, Julian. I tried "query=1=1 allowUpdates=true" in the bind::esri::parameters column for the first level repeat and all nested repeats, but the issue still persists. All nested repeats are blank.

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Could be caused by having a field name too long.  That is what the green mark is telling you.  That often means 123 can handle it but AGOL cannot.


Also it seems to be using a Type that is not in the drop down list.


I am guessing you pulled from an existing service?

Hope that does it.  Can't ignore those little green guys.

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by Anonymous User
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Yes, I created the form from an existing service published from ArcPro.

I have renamed the field for that first question (in both the form and feature service) and removed the "esriFieldTypePolygonZ" from the bind::esri::fieldType column. There doesn't seem to be a proper choice for a polygon field type, so I left it blank. The Inbox still pulls in the correct info for the record and first level repeat, but it is no longer showing the shape preview for that question. Nested repeats are still blank.



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