Need to disable use current location functionality in Survey123

03-06-2020 12:50 PM
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I have developed a survey123 application using the Advanced form development in Survey123 Connect. I have a use case where I want to send the geopoint via URL to the survey form for the user to "lock in" their location (from another webpage) in the web form survey version. And so the geopoint is set as a read-only and required. I can send the lat/lon just fine in the URL (via the "center=" parameters) and the location is highlighted with the blue map pin on the map. But if the user has turned on "use your current location" in their browser (which is very easy to do), the location will move to the current location and the location and coordinates that were sent via the URL are lost. Is there a way to turn this functionality off in the Survey123 map? The use current location? It is useful, but in my case, it is not.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Doug,

Apologies for the delay.  It has been recently noted that the locate button is enabled when a geopoint question is set to read-only - this will be addressed in a future release.