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07-28-2020 09:19 AM
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Hi everybody!
I have a question about multiple selection in relevant. 

So, I'm trying to write a expression in my Survey123, where a field has 10 elements, but when to select a previous option, result only 5. Example:



In my setor_relacionado has 5 Options


However, in segmento_ggms has 10 options. But, I would like to select, only, 5 when ggms (name) e Gestão de Geotecnologias e Modelagem do Sistema (label) was selected.


What expression do I have to write?


I trying

if(selected(${setor_relacionado}, 'ggms'), (${segmento_ggms},'Cadastro', 'Geotecnologias', 'PIFS', 'Crescimento_Vegetativo_Modelagem', Gestor'), (${segmento_ggms} = 'Gestor'))

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Hi Cartografia e Cadastro

Cascading selects should help in this case. Please see Cascading and external selects—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation for details on how to set this up. Also discussed in this blog post:



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