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04-28-2022 02:03 AM
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Hi, I'm a PhD student and my research is about using digital tools for participatory planning. I want to create a map based questionnaire about Alexandria's Downtown in Egypt using Survey123. Questions will include

Pin a location or draw a line of traffic-related concern

Which routes should be improved? (You can show us by drawing a line to specific streets. You can scroll to certain streets or type the address)

Mark the routes you have drawn with places that you consider pleasant and those that make you stop.

Which streets do you enjoy walking in Alexandria’s old city center? (You can show us by drawing a line to specific streets).

Is there a way to add multiple map based questions, and I can see them in the results.

Part two of my question: can survey123 read overlapping lines or pins from different participants.

Thank you in advance!


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I believe you can do this using Survey 123 Connect but not the Web Designer.

You will have to add each map question in a Repeat. The help doc for Repeats is here - Repeats.

If I'm understanding your second question correctly, then yes, the geometry for multiple submissions can overlap.

Hope that helps,


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