Modify external choices from device?

08-10-2020 04:34 PM
New Contributor

Is it possible to modify an external choices list from the field app? I would like user to be able to enter a value on an initial survey, then select that value from a dropdown on subsequent surveys.  This is useful for a capture mark-recapture form where an individual animal is marked once then recaptured on subsequent days.  I'm coming from Pendragon Forms where this was trivial.   

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Lucas,

No, this is not currently not supported or possible with Survey123.

With the 3.10 release we do now support custom JavaScript functions, which may help achieve a similar to workflow to what you are looking for, by querying data from a feature layer, however you can not edit or query data on the device in the apps survey data folder. 



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