Missing dynamic fields from Survey123 to Power Automate

12-02-2021 06:16 AM
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Hi all, hope you can help me here.

A submitter are submitting a form, then Power Automate sends an email to another person who are opening another survey, that pulls the data that was previous submittet. This is done by the globalID, 

Both of the surveys are reading from the same feature layer by submission URL.

When the second survey are submitted, I want it to sent an email to both the first submitter (Creator) and the second person.

If I'm using the User Info Email, I would expect it to go the the one that are logged in and are submitting. But that is not sending to the creator of the original feature.

However the creator email, is in the Creator field for all our users, so thought I could use that. However it's not listed as something I can choose in the Dynamic fields.

I could let the first submitter manually type in the email, but wanted to limit that.

Does anyone have a solution or workaround.




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