Map data not being captured

07-31-2022 09:01 AM
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I have a survey in which I request location (by name)

and also I request the user draw a perimeter

As you can see, there is an indication that the perimeter data will not be saved and, indeed it is not.

How do I fix this? (I've seen discussion of clicking more options and changing removing "null" etc. but they seem to apply to the Microsoft product.   I am using survey123 in the browser.)



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Hello @JonSchull

Survey123 can only submit one geometry/geometry type per layer, since the web designer doesn't support repeats at this time surveys designed in the website can only support 1 geometry. 

If you want the polygon geometry submitted  to the feature service in the address question you will need to select the option "Address text only" for the "Data to submit" section. That way only the address text will be submitted without geometry and the geoshape geometry will be submitted. 



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