Make repeat required based on answer to another question.

12-31-2020 06:12 PM
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I have a need to require users to fill out a set of questions within a repeat based on the answer to a question outside of the repeat. Is this possible? I've tried using the relevant field and creating a constraint without any luck.


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Hi Aaron,

Yes it's possible to apply expressions in the Relevant column for repeats.

We should be able to apply the expression to the repeat as a whole (hiding the repeat) or questions within the repeat.  Here is more information on how to apply relevant expressions:

Constraints are a separate item, preventing users from submitting values unless the constraint is met.

If you're still encountering difficulty, can you please attach your XLSForm?
Cheers, Chris

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You need to use required.  A constraint to check for a blank value does not work.  So add the relevant then make the fields required.  If it is hidden it will not fire the required.

Hope that helps

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