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Location Store issues in Web forms

05-26-2023 06:55 AM
New Contributor III

I have a survey created using Survey123 Connect with a geocoded address field using the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service locator. I have added x and y fields in my hosted feature class and added those in the xls form to pull the location information from my geocoded point field.


Every time a new survey is submitted through a web form, it does not capture the accurate point geometry in the dashboard i have created. Instead it defaults all points to Atlantic Ocean. What am i missing?

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Esri Contributor

Hi @JovanaB 

The issue is the points are not being fed into a geopoint question and rather they are just stored in fields named Point_x and Point_Y

You will need to have a geopoint question and concatenate the x and y coordinate as the calculation. I've seen it done in other threads but don't have the exact expression in front of me right now.

Hope this helps

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Esri Notable Contributor

I agree with @Richard_Purkis  

Add a geopoint question and use something like this in the calculation

concat(number(${POINT_Y)," ",number(${POINT_X}))



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Thank you both @Richard_Purkis and @IsmaelChivite for the help. This worked very well! However, this is a good alternative for me to get a point location stored so it can be displayed in a web map.

How would I instead have an address question to auto-complete using the geocode appearance for a text question and still capture the correct x,y location of the address and be shown on a web map?

I initially tried following this article re: "Storing the location of an address as a point geometry" but it did not help pull and store the x,y data to properly pin it on my web map.

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