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12-14-2020 09:58 AM
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Hello everyone:

I need to know how to change the units of a Location Status Dialog in the Survey123 Android app.

To explain more properly: We have a customer with a Trimble TDC600 with Android 8 and when he enters the Location Status dialog when pressing the GPS button on the app, it show the units in the Imperial System and we would like to see them units in the Metric System.


We tried all what is configurable on the app and I believe all what is configurable on the Android settings.

Is there a way to acomplish this? To change those settings from one system to the other.


Thanks in advance for all the help provided.

@IsmaelChivite, @JamesTedrick , @JodyZhengLiu 




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Hi @DanielMurillo,

Currently it is not possible to change the units used on the location status page, they are based on the language/locale setting of the device. We have a beta feature currently in progress to enable a setting in the app that will allow units to be changed independently of the device language/locale setting, however this is not yet ready for testing. Once this setting is available it will be announced on the Early Adopter Community before it is released.

The only workaround for now is to set the language/locale setting of the device to have the same units that are wanting.



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Hello @Anonymous User :

I did the testing on some devices with different Android versions, and it varies the unit system used by Survey123 when you change the Android language and input settings from English (USA) (Imperial system: feet, mph) to Spanish (Costa Rica) (meters and kph)


Thank you so much for the clarification.



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