Live compass direction when capturing images

07-21-2021 10:42 AM
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Is there a way to display the image direction (phone compass value) live on screen when users are taking pictures? I have images that need to be taken with a northly direction and am using image validation to ensure that the exif value of the image has a direction that is +/- 20 degrees of north. It would be really helpful to see that value live when collecting images. Any way of doing this?


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They have a compass display thing coming in 3.13.  You can check it out in the Early Adopter program.


This way it is live time vs a static field.  Hope that helps

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Thanks! I have joined the early adopter program and am testing the compass feature now. From what I can tell this is not available within the image capture window/screen. I have posted on the early adopter forum to see if that would be possible. I'll repost here if I get any updates! Thanks

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