Joining Surveys in Survey 123

07-06-2022 07:33 AM
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I am conducting a series of Pre and Post Programme Questionnaires using Survey 123 Connect. I was wondering if there is a way to join two surveys on a shared dashboard to show changes in attitudes and knowledge before and after the program? I am currently aggregating this data in ArcGIS Pro, joining by URN, but am unable to get automated analysis from this method.

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Are the two surveys separate feature services?

I could see this being easier to accomplish with a single survey that has a question to designate pre/post status, and maybe a GUID field to link a post survey to the corresponding pre survey.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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From your description, why not move this outside of S123? If you set up a SharePoint library, you could dump all your pre- data into it. Then, when someone completes a post-inspection, you can search for the unique pre-inspection key (I would assume you have a way to uniquely identify each location) and append the new data to that line. This would allow you to see before and after in the same database. You could then take this one step further and visualize the data in PowerBI (or similar app).

jcarlson's suggestion would be a simpler solution. Enable the Inbox and have a select_one for pre- or post-inspection.

Third option is to do it manually, like you are currently doing. Something like FME may be able to automate that process for you, but I think either of the above options would be easier.

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