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Join Eos/Esri for a free high-accuracy ArcGIS Survey123 workshop on Thursday, May 27, 2021

05-12-2021 05:57 PM
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Eos Positioning Systems is pleased to offer a free, virtual high-accuracy ArcGIS Survey123 training workshop on Thursday, May 27, 2021: "High-Accuracy Data Collection Workshop with Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS Survey123"

Join Eos Positioning Systems and Esri for this free training with foundational overviews, indoor and outdoor demonstrations, and interactive Q&A panel discussion. 




In this free educational training event, you will receive the following knowledge:  

  1. Introduction to important GNSS concepts
  2. Overview of real use cases of Arrow GNSS with ArcGIS Survey123
  3. Indoor demonstration: Configuring ArcGIS Survey123
  4. Outdoor demonstration: Collecting survey-grade data with Arrow Gold GNSS and Survey123
  5. Extended Q&A with expert panelists from Eos and Esri

Technology covered:

This workshop will cover the following hardware and software: 

  • Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver (including Eos Tools Pro app) 
  • ArcGIS Survey123 (setup, use in the field, analytics/reporting) 
  • ArcGIS Online/Pro (web map configuration, including required metadata) 


Agenda summary:

S123 Workshop Graphic 1920X1080.jpgThis multi-part workshop will be divided into indoor and outdoor training opportunities. After initial instructions on important mobile mapping and GNSS concepts, you will attend a live configuration of a Survey123 form from Esri expert Ismael Chivite. After a short break, we will then demonstrate outdoor data-collection with the form we just created. These demonstrations will include best practices for setting up your data-collection forms and for mobile mapping with your high-accuracy Arrow GNSS receiver. At the end of the workshop, our expert panelists will be available to answer your questions.


Agenda at-a-glance:

The workshop is roughly divided into the following sections (subject to change):  

  1. Foundational overviews (GNSS, GIS)
  2. Indoor demonstration: Survey123
  3. Short break
  4. Outdoor demonstration: RTK GNSS data collection
  5. Reviewing the data
  6. Extended Q&A with experts

THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2021

9:30a.m.-12p.m.(noon) PDT  / 12:30-3p.m. EST

*** Please note registration closes one hour before the event *** 



Please note: You may wish to reserve your calendar for 1 hour after the scheduled workshop end. We may extend the Q&A period if there are many questions.

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