Javascript functions disabled after some time

12-02-2022 03:08 AM
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I'm using Javascript functions in Survey123 Connect.

I got a batch of 447 answers to my form from 2 users. 5 of them contains the message "Javascript functions disabled" in the field that was supposed to be calculated with Javascript functions.

The user says nothing changes on the mobile device (neither network nor battery saver) and everything worked fine between 7:51 AM to 16:14 PM. It's only after16:33 PM that this message is written in the records.

Has anyone experienced the same behaviour and knows how to solve it ?

Thank you

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Esri Notable Contributor

The Survey123 app will disable JavaScript functions whenever the user logs out of the app.

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Thank you Ismael,

However the user was using the form as usual and did not disconnect. Is there an automatic disconnection time ? I understand it's not possible to collect data using javascript function when the mobile device is not using wifi/data connection ?

Thanks a lot

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