Issues creating a checklist in a feature report template, question type is the issue, is there a workaround?

06-17-2020 04:59 PM
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My survey is set up with multiple pages within a repeat, one for each kind of point. This creates a lot of mostly empty fields, as I would discover. The pages often repeat the same questions but with some slight twists - different choices for the same question.

In an attempt to whittle down the empty space, I have set the bindtype option to null in all the pages except a new one, in which I use nested concat functions to find the answer for questions that are repeated across the pages. The problem is, when I make a feature report template and set up for a checklist of values (passing the concatenated field in), it seems that the fact that I am treating the concatenated field as a select_one is unacceptable. It is hidden, so I turned it into a select_one type question, making a list of all the possible choices, and that still didn't work.

In other words, I am not able to make a checkbox using a field that collects the only non-null answer among 4 multiple choice lists. (I use the correct names of the choice values, too).

My report is intended to mimic an existing paper form, so having my checklists work would be a big deal for me!

Thanks for your help!

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HI Michael,

Apologies for the delay in response.  Form your description, it sounds like you have multiple sections that each essentially represent a different view of a multiple choice question with a large number of values, is that correct?

One way to work around this would be to have a separate form that you use to view the results where the end question that holds the choices is a multiple choice question instead of a calculation/text.

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