Issue with Viewer in Survey123 Website

08-07-2020 05:14 AM
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Hi All,

We are facing an issue while login by users whom have a Viewer privileges to view the results of the survey that contain 6 tables.

It is working fine with the owner.

The survey is consisting 6 tables and 5 of them are related tables.

Once the Viewer login to the survey123 website the results aren't appear as you see in the below figure:


And in the OVERVIEW tab the total records related to one of the related table not the parent:

I deleted the _stakeholder feature layer then reset the collaboration, but I faced the same.

 Could any one help me in this issue?

James TedrickIsmael ChiviteZhifang Wang


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Hi Hussam,

This appears to be very unusual - the overview of the viewer appears to have more records available than the owner (according to the Overview tab).  It also is odd that only one of the related tables it present when the Viewer looks at the data tab.  This would probably require some interactive troubleshooting to determine what is occurring - can you open a support ticket with Esri or your distributor?

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