Issue with pulldata from hosted csv file with german region adjustment in Windows

03-14-2022 02:36 AM
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Dear Community,

I have an issue pulling data from csv file and displaying mit correct decimal values. So I safed the csv file in Excel with US region adjustment - comma separated and "." as decimal separator.

In SURVEY123 Connect and US region adjustments in Windows the values are displayed correctly. In case I publish the Survey and open it on Samsung device the values are shown without decimal separator.

In case go forward with german Windows settings I`m not able to generate csv with comma separator. In case I go forward with step by step approach - generating at first the csv file with US settings and afterwards switch to german settings, opening SURVEY123 Connect it does not work to display it correctly on the Connect app and also it does not work using the published form on Samsung device (German settings for Company reasons).

The issue behind is, that calculations are included in the form which work not properly.

Do you have a solution for me?

Thanks and best regards


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Hi @Bernd_Thoma,

Would you be able to share the XLSForm and CSV that you are having issues with to we can take a more detailed look at the issue? 


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