Issue with map background on survey - users unable to select a location

04-23-2021 01:31 AM
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Hi all, 

On my survey we have a question with a map where users select a specific location for their suggestion for a bike parking zone. When on the website the map background shows up perfectly and it is easy to select a location (see below). However lately I have found a lot of data where the location is just randomly in the middle of the ocean (this is the original pin location for the map extent) and couldn't really figure out why. We use this survey on our app where it's a link users can use. I found out that when using the survey on mobile the map is completely blank, I think this is where the users get confused and just don't select a location since they can't see anything. I have tried all the different backgrounds and it is the same every time.. 

The app is where the survey is used the most so I really need to find a solution, at the moment all this data is unusable because of this error, has anyone any idea of what could cause this? 

Thanks for your help!

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 09.25.56.png






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Hi @CelineLooten ,

Thanks for reaching to us.


1. Is your survey public and is it possible to share it with us?

2. When you see the map is blank, if you just move the blank area, will the map show up?

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