Issue with attachment filenames with uppercase extensions

10-25-2021 07:44 AM
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Hi folks,

I ran into an interesting issue with Survey 123 our survey 123 setup.

I have a user who is trasferring photos into his computer then attaching them to the survey form.  In the survey 123 data page the images were showing as there, but not showing a preview, instead showing a grey box. Those same images were not populating in reports. 

I discovered that all the photos that had this issue had their extensions capitalized. (.JPG instead of .jpg).    To fix the problem I had to pull the photos, change the extensions to lower case, reattach them, then run the notebook that fixed the keywords.  After that, everything worked properly.

Somewhere the code doesn't like seeing uppercase extensions.  While they aren't common anymore, they are still valid extensions.  I thought you woudl like to know. 

We're using AGOL and v 2.13.234 of the app. 

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