Isse with Survey 123 form used in IOS device when form is Embedded in iframe

02-28-2022 12:09 PM
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I have created a form in the Survey 123 Connect and published to ArcGIS online. The form is embedded in an iFrame in a website. I am testing the form in an iPhone. I have found two issues -

1. I can’t sign the signature box.

2. When choosing Spanish as the language, when submitting the form, I don't get a finish page. The data is not saved to the back end data in ArcGIS online.

I don't have issues when I open the form as a standalone ESRI survey page in the iPhone.

It seems to have the same issues with droid device.

Has anybody had the same issue and has a solution?




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Hi Helen,

Is it possible to share the survey's xlsx form? I tried with Connect 3.14.256 but couldn't reproduce the issue. You can send it to my email




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