Is there a way to embed in a website, dashboard, StoryMap, etc. only the survey analysis results and keep some responses hidden from Survey123 online analyze tab?

07-21-2020 08:52 AM
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The already configured dynamic charts would be very useful to share with a broader group besides the data curators with logins. I can share the analysis url with those with account logins or make everything public, however, I would like to share the already configured charts and graphs in a public way with the possibility of hiding some fields. This way public contributors or others that are interested in these data can see the patterns and trends, but keep unnecessary or sensitive fields hidden.

Rebuilding them in dashboard has been problematic with multiple choice questions, and a pdf is only a static glance and not helpful for a survey that is continually being added to overtime.

If sharing only the analysis page in this way is not possible, has there been considerations from the Survey123 development team in making sharing results easier for public data or better integration of the Survey123 data in Dashboards?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Stephanie,

This has been raised occasionally.  Can you file an idea in to allow other users to contribute  their needs for a feature like this?

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