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Is there a way to download an older version of Survey123? XLS Conversion errors in 3.14.256

03-24-2022 06:28 AM
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Since updating to 3.14.256, I have been unable to create new surveys or edit old ones. No matter what I do I get a message that says "Error converting XLS Form" without any additional details. I have tried uninstalling (and deleting all program falls) and reinstalling. 

I've also tried using old survey templates and that did not work either.

It sounds like a few other people have had this issue, but there don't seem to be a solution yet.

Is there a way that I can download an older version of Survey 123 so that I can go back to being able to create and update surveys?


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Not sure where you can download them but I keep a few older versions stored locally for just this type of "challenge".  I have "Survey123ConnectBeta_x64_3_13_239".  It is too big (129MB zipped) to share here but I can send it to you if you provide an address. 

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