Is there a way to conditionally make a field Read-Only?

05-30-2018 02:57 PM
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Is there a straight-forward way to conditionally make a field read-only in S123?

Otherwise, I will probably have to duplicate the field that I want to be conditionally read-only - one of which would and would-not be Read-Only, and it would be conditionally visible


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Hi. As of version 2.8 it is not possible to write an expression in the read-only column. We are considering allowing expressions in the readonly and required columns in the future (potentially in the 3.0 release. July 2018).

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I am using Survey123  Connect version : 3.10.

I am trying to add if expression in read only column.

 I am getting below error while converting into form.

Adding expressions  added in Read-only column in version 3.x as mentioned above ? Or am I doing any wrong here.

If not is there any way to read only survery123 form fields based on if condition.

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After research, I am able to achieve this functionality by making following changes to Read only column.

Thank you.