Is it possible to pull elevation from a z feature in a basemap for your survey?

04-28-2022 01:30 PM
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I am working on a map to track crane activity on and off an airport. I want to use my own map that includes imagery plus a layer polyline layer that has elevation contour data (z values). I ask the user to select a location and not only do I want to pull the xy values, but also the z value from the contour (feature class in the map). I want these values stored in the survey form as read-only so I can do calculations on those values (specifically the elevation).


Hoping the braintrust can give me some pointers! 


P.S. I'm using the pulldata() function for the geopoint already.

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Hello @LydiaWerner_MAC

If you are looking to extract the z location from the geopoint in your Survey123 survey there is a pulldata("@geopoint") property to do that. Please see this table for all possible values that can be extracted from geopoint locations. This will pull the z value from the devices location. 

Taking a look at the screen capture if you're looking to extract a known z value from the attribute of a feature you can use a JavaScript function to query the feature service based on the geopoint location. Please refer to the JavaScript sample in Connect for an example of how to extract information from a feature service based on a geopoint location. 

Thank you,
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@ZacharySutherby , thank you. I'd like to try and avoid having to go the JavaScript route. Is there another way I could accomplish the same goal of pulling an elevation based on a pin in a map? For instance, I have 1ft elevation contour survey data for a large area and can find readily available public elevation data for outside of that area. I don't want anything that is visible to the end user of the map, rather I'd like my form to pull in and maintain the elevation of that particular point chosen by the user. Could a TIN or some other elevation source accomplish what I am trying to do?

In the screenshot below, you can see that I have polyline data which has z values in it. 




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