Is it possible to import the settings (survey style, map params, etc) when creating a new survey from an existing one ?

03-07-2019 01:26 AM
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When I create a new survey from an existing survey, the structure of the survey is copied but not the parameters such as the style, map, images settings, etc.

Will it be possible to copy the survey structure and settings in one of the next release of Survey123 Connect ?If yes, when could we expect this feature to be available ?

Of course, we should be able to change then in the newly create survey but they could be added as default values that could then be changed when finetuning the setting of the survey.

Thanks !

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Hi there,

It is currently not possible to copy these settings automatically in Connect when creating a new survey based on a copy of another survey. Creating a copy uses the same xslx form and external/media files, but does not apply the survey specific settings which you set in the Connect UI. This is not currently in the road map for enhancement either.

If you think this is a good idea and think other users may also benefit from it also, please raise it as a new idea on the Survey123 Ideas page here: ArcGIS Ideas. This way we can understand the demand and requirement further for this enhancement for other users too.


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