Is it possible to have both a geopoint and geoshape element in a Survey123 form and have users submit forms with either a point OR a polygon, but not both?

08-21-2020 09:48 AM
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I am creating a survey form in Survey123 Connect that contains both a geopoint and a geoshape element. The geoshape element is in a repeat to allow for two geometry types in a single survey. The goal of having two geometry types is to allow users to submit either a point OR a polygon for each survey, not both. Right now, I can submit surveys with just a geopoint no problem - the point shows up in the appropriate location on the map. When I try to only submit the polygon, however, the polygon is correct but it also produces a point feature off the coast of Africa (0,0) for each survey. Is this because the geoshape is within a repeat? 

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Hi. Supporting points and polygons in the same layer is not possible. It is a limitation in ArcGIS where a layer can only have one geometry type.  Using a repeat to put your second geometry in a repeat is a bit of a hack, but it will make your data model a bit obscure, separating things into different layers.

If you add a geopint question to a survey but the user leaves it empty (or you make it non-relevant), Survey123 will automatically set its value to 0,0 (aka null island Null Island - Wikipedia ).

While you cannot get rid of the null island points, you can use a hidden attribute in the form to indicate if a record is of type polygon or point. Then you can use that attribute to filter out records in the point layer that are flagged as polygon responses.

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