Is it possible to add relevant questions according to the result of a calculation?

04-13-2020 12:01 AM
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I have a survey that I've created on survey123 connect. I have two decimal columns and a calculation that is basically have the division result of these two. Then I have a logical operator that says if the result is between 0,2 - 5 this answer refers to "Group A", others "Group B". 

At this occasion I want to make relevant groups of questions; to ask Group A questions to the people that has the result that refers to this group. And to group B just to answer group b question groups.

I couldn't find a way to directly relate the calculation result and the question group. That's why I made a select_one question and relate the person with a note "the answer you've entered refers to group B. Please select Group B to the the relevant questions." 

But it's a complicated way and can make some confusions. 

I would be grateful if you can help on this occasion?



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Didem,

You can use the formula you have in your note_answer question as the basis for relevant expressions for groupA and groupB:

Group A: (${answer}>0.2) and (${answer}<5)

Group B: not(${answer}>0.2) and (${answer}<5)

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Hi James,

Thank you for your help! I didn't know that I could write a formula as a relevant expression. It really helped. Thank you.


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