Is it possible to add new attachments using inbox from survey123?

05-14-2017 02:24 AM
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Everything works fine in forms created with Survey123 Connect 2. We created possibility to attach multiple images, which goes ok when form is sent for first time, but if we try to use inbox to update form with new attachments it seems we can't attach and send new images to our survey. So is it possible to add new attachments using inbox from survey123 app?

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Editing related records through the inbox is not supported at 2.0 of Survey123 - image attachments are in disguise related records. From the sneak peek of Survey123 you can see that these features are currently in development, so you are likely to see this feature in upcoming releases.

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Thank you Michael for you answer.

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Hi Michael, broken link?

Thank you


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Hi Michael,

The Sneak Peek section in the Survey123 Online Documentation has moved, you can find it here: Sneak peek—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

As for adding additional images to an image question via Inbox, this is not yet possible and whilst currently in our roadmap there is no timeline for this feature enhancement.

Currently the best way to be able to add additional photos to a repeat via Inbox is by using the image question inside a repeat (related table).