IOS Field app missing Map option on Inbox page

03-24-2022 08:09 AM
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In IOS field app version 3.13  I was able to open a survey with Inbox enabled, refresh the inbox and click on Map to see a map with locations of lines or points, depending on the survey form opened.  I just upgraded the field app to v3.14.242 and I no longer have the List or the Map option in the Inbox page - only the refresh button.  Luckily, the List of points shows but my users prefer clicking the map with the appropriate line segment instead of needing to the the segment ID from the List.

Anyone having this "challenge" and have a solution to restore the Map option or provide guidance to install a 3.13 version back to my iPad?

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Hello @LeonardBarnhill

Just to confirm do you have the "Show location indicators and map tab in all folders" option enabled for your survey in Survey123 Connect? 

Thank you,
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