Invalid token : error 498

08-20-2018 12:57 PM
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 I am trying to use an existing  feature service to create my survey. We published the feature layer but I get 'invalid token error :498 whenever I am trying to create a survey from that feature service. Need Help please.

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Here is a screenshot of my 'Survey' tab in the XLS form. My layer name in 'Content' is "Biochar_BAMT_6", although in the Services Directory the name is "Biochar Activities Map 5" (same as the form_title).

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Also to check, the ArcGIS Server doesn't use IWA for login (you have to log in if you add the feature service to the map directly using it's URL, as opposed to the ArcGIS Online item)?

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Hi @JamesTedrick, is this (IWA) also the case even if we have AGServer logins created and are trying to use?

I can create the referenced item in my AGOL account and it opens with data in a map, but when I try to use it for the submission url it still 498's me...

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