Integromat: Setting one email at end of each day with report with all relevant surveys

04-20-2020 04:23 AM
New Contributor III

Hi all,

In my survey, I have a select one type of question, where the possible answears are "yes" or "no". What I would like to do, with Integromat, is send an email, with a feature report of all the submitted surveys of that specific day AND where the answear was "yes". 

My problems are selecting only the features generated that day and selecting the yes ones. I had no trouble generating the flow on integromat, other than that.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi André,

The workflow you are describing is not designed to be handled by the Survey123 Integromat 'Watch for Survey responses' trigger - that is designed for on-demand, per-survey web hooks.  What you describe can be done in Integromat, using a scheduled job; it would be best to work against the feature service directly to query out the records (Using the 'Make an HTTP Request' action) and then iterate through the objectIDs with the feature report module.