Integromat Invalid token every 30 mins with a large queue

03-04-2021 04:21 PM
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1) All of my  Survey123-Integromat scenarios crush with invalid token error every 30 mins if there are a lot of records in the queue (for example if 1000 + records were submitted at once). So I have to go to Integromat and reactivate it every 30 mins. It was annoying, but not horrible until we started the project with over 500 records being submitted at once.

2) After creating an error handler "break" on create feature report module, Integromat started to put all the crushed records from queue into incomplete executions and retry them later. That is what I thought would mitigate the issue, until I realized how much worse it got. Survey123 got unable to process so many feature reports at once, time out error on more than 500 records.

I made a decision to discontinue using survey123 feature reports functionality, and start using python for this purpose. Inefficient for large data flows and the cost cannot be justified.

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@YuliaMamonova Did you look at the advanced settings on your trigger module . There is a setting that allows you to specify submissions be processed individually. Would this help your situation.?

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Hi Paul,

Are you referring to sequential processing?


I have looked at it, and probably going to try it at some point, I can't activate it now, because I still have a huge amount of unresolved executions that I need to deal with.

Thank you!