Inboxed data not showing up with 3.14 app update

03-01-2022 11:42 AM
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We have multiple client forms that have been disrupted by the 3.14 app update on 2/22. Our forms have a workflow of an initial submitter, then into a reviewers inbox, then back into the initial submitter inbox for edits. These forms worked properly before the app update, no changes to the form itself was made when these issues occurred, only the app being updated, with consistent issues across iPads and desktop survey123 apps. Fields containing data with any relevancy set, show up as blank in the inboxed forms. The relevancy is working, but for some reason it is not pulling in the data that was previously submitted. The fields these relevancies are based off of are populating data fine. Any suggestions? Removing the relevancies will fully disrupt my form. 

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Hi @AdriannaBarton,

With the 3.14 release improvements were made to form expressions, calculations and repeats when loading existing data to ensure order of operation was correct. Many bugs were resolved that previously caused issues with these workflows. Many users forms had been designed to account for these bugs.

In some cases if a form has been misconfigured or the relevant expressions and other calculations used in a way that was not recommended previously (conflicting inputs and values) these may have now stopped working or are nulling out values.

The best way to troubleshoot this further is to get a copy of your XLSForm (xlsx file and any media/scripts folders and files) and if you can provide the exact details of which fieldnames do not populate when opening from Inbox and any other steps reproduce the issues.



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Did you manage to sort this issue out?  I am having the same issue where some fields are missing the data when viewing the record via the inbox.  The data is still recorded in the record though, so I know its not gone missing.

Annoyingly, the missing data isn't constant between forms. 

1) all forms are missing the same field called CAR details


2) some forms have missing fields which vary between forms

The only consistent things is that always a text field

I have looked at the xml file and I can't see anything obvious.  The fields all have settings -text -  multi line - fieldlength of 1000.

Its a very simple form with only 14 records so far.

I have just noticed something weird  though.  If you view the form through ArcGis Survey123 website you can't see the field.  However if you go to edit the survey form in the website, you can see the field.  The field missing is called Description of the non-conformance.  Not sure if this is a problem or not.




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