Impossible to edit submitted data in Survey's data page TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelector' of undefined

06-16-2021 07:11 AM
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Hi all, 

I'm struggling with the update of a set of surveys we created last year (july 2020) which have been published from Survey123 Connect.

I recently applied some attributes fields & general settings changes needed for the 2021 data collection, I republished them with the latest Connect version (3.12.232).

On the data collection side everything works well (with the field app, desktop app and also in the web form) but I receive an error message when I open the form in the survey's data page ( 

Even for the surveys with no repeats, no inbox, no complex calculations when I go in editing I'm not able to edit and this error messages is prompted: 

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Hi @LuxDevMali ,

Thanks for the feedback and I can reproduce the issue with the xlsx form attached. This issue should be fixed with our next release, could you please have a test with the latest Beta website with your survey:


Jody Zheng Liu

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