Image choices size too small (images do not open to full screen when clicked)

05-17-2022 12:51 PM
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I added images to question choices and when I look at the preview it allows me to click the image for a larger view. Once I publish the survey and open the link to take the survey, the images appear as small thumbnails and cannot be expanded. In the mobile view it is not an issue because the images are large enough to see, but in the desktop view, the images are too small and can't be expanded.

If the images can't be clicked and expanded, how can I make the images larger?


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Hi @spcannon ,

Thanks for the feedback.


This is currently a known limitation that images in choices cannot be enlarged in the web app. There is an enhancement request via Esri Support Service ENH-000142112, if this feature is important to your workflow, please raise justification to Esri Support Service to help us prioritize the work.

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