If statement on text question in Feature Report Survey123

09-18-2020 07:46 AM
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I have been struggling with If statements in feature reports. 

Is it possible to make a statement based on whether a text question is answered? I tried among other thing this expression, but it doesn't work: 

${if (OPLP1_oms string-length>0)}    



In which 'OPLP1_oms' is the text question.

Please advise.

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if(string-length(${OPLP1_oms}) >0, if true goes here, if false goes here)

In general it is

if(statement, true, false)

${feild name}

functions are function(field)

Hope that helps.  Looking at the sample in the help will be a good place to get started.    Big note is that feature reports may act a bit different.

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for your comment.

I know that's usually the setup, but for if statements in Report templates it seems to work slightly different: Feature report templates—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation.

Under the header 'conditional elements' they use the following example expressions:

  • ${if photo1} displays the section only if the photo1 question has been answered.
  • ${if integer1>0} displays the section only if the answer to the integer1 question is a positive number.

You then close the expression with ${/}

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Is it possible to do an if statement like the one you listed above (string-length(${fieldname})>0), if true, check a box, and if false, do not check the box?


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