I'm creating a report template that includes very small cells in a table, how do I work around the size of the survey form variable name being larger than the cell?

06-05-2020 10:40 AM
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I need to print survey responses in the last four columns of this table.  Y/N, MONITOR, REPAIR and INVESTIGATE.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Barb,
Here are two approaches to configuring narrow columns in report templates:

  1. Turn off auto-size to fit contents in Word. This will prevent the column widths from adjusting. The cell will expand vertically to accommodate the field name, but when the report is exported the table will adjust to fit the values contained in the record.

    To turn off auto-size to fit contents, right click on the table, click Table Properties, click on the table tab, and uncheck Automatically resize to fit contents

  2. Depending on the needs of your report template, you could also set the height of one or multiple rows. 

    Even though part of the field name may not be visible in your report template, this will not prevent it from exporting successfully. A caveat with this method is that the cell will not expand to accommodate values that do not fit in the cell size you have configured.

    To set a row height, right click on the row, click on Table Properties, check the Specify Height box, and change the dropdown menu to from “Row height is at least” to “Row height is exactly”.
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