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I am unable to publish a survey created in Survey123 Connect. I keep receiving an error 500. I am at my wits end. I have tried literally over 30 different editions of the survey.

10-22-2020 10:17 AM
New Contributor

I am continually receiving error 500 message when trying to publish my survey in Survey123 Connect.  I have reviewed all the help suggestions I can find.  Each section will publish on its own.  When I combine them into one survey, they will not publish.  Attached is the document I am working with.

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MVP Esteemed Contributor

First I am seeing some commas in your choice list.  Can't have that.  See the reference tab.  I do not think you can use a period either.  Also note select_one can have spaces but multiple cannot (major bummer).

Second I am seeing you use the same name for a list as the field itself.  I have seen all kinds of weird issues doing this.  I always add List to the end - so financeList for example.

Third I saw at least one bad font tag  need /font at the end

<font size="1">This will become the unique identifier for the project. If it will be a yearly project (i.e. Maintenance) you will add the year to the project name so it will still be unique year to year<font>

I also have a feeling there are repeated field names in here.

All I see so far.  Hope that does it.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

HI Melanie,

The following question names are used multiple times in the form:

  • quantity1
  • finansign
  • note5

Normally, the XLS file will highlight duplicate names; it sounds like the process of copy/pasting may have interfered with the Excel data validation.

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MVP Esteemed Contributor

I make sure to always right click Paste Values or, like James said, the form gets all kinds of broken.

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