How to use Editor field in XLSForm and/or Feature Report?

12-11-2019 05:50 PM
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When I download my Survey123 data into an excel spreadsheet I notice there are 4 columns; CreationDate, Creator, EditDate and Editor. These appear to be default fields that I did not put into my XLSForm unlike Start, End, Username and Email but these provide much more useful metadata.

Is there a way to use for example Creator in either or both XLSForm or Feature Report?

If not, could this be considered for a future update?


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Hi James,

These fields are Editor Tracking fields. They follow the signed in user account that created (or last edited) the feature.
They are system managed and auto-generated. E.g. if we were to create or edit the feature in a Web Map.

We can use other methods if we would like to populate this information in our survey. 
For example, there is a username type question that will show the logged in username. 
Quick reference—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 



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