How to upload the same record (to the child) once to all parent polygons

02-15-2022 10:15 AM
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Hi there S123 community,

I've put together a landowner database that utilises Survey123. One of the main features of the database is the ability to record communications records with landowners (the comms table relates back to the parcel).

There are instances where we send out the same exact notification (comms record) to all 150 landowners. For example, the operation has been postponed due to bad weather. We will be in contact when it's going ahead. We need to have this as a comms record for all of the parcels. It is cumbersome for the team to have to enter one comms record at a time for each of the 150 parcels. Is there a way to do this all at once so each parcel gets the same records?

I found this suggestion about doing an append, but ideally I'd like for one of the team to be able to do it in Survey123. I'm the only one using ArcPro at the moment. If that's the only way to do it, that's ok too. Not sure if that's going to save us time though if we don't have the CSV already created. Need to check with them.

Please let me know if the above example needs clarification. I'm sure there's others who have had a similar situation.

@JamesTedrick maybe you know?

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