How to summarize related data to arcgis dashboards

05-05-2020 04:36 PM
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I have a hosted feature table of insect traps with a related table.  The related table contains data on the counts of insect pests on different dates.  I would like to be able to summarize the related tables to each trap point in the hosted feature layer and show the data in an arcgis dashboard.  I would like the summary to be dynamic in that new records are automatically summarized as they are added to the related table.  How would one do this?

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The new Dashboards have Arcade...but the FeatureSet functions are not supported yet.  I could really use it also. Try writing on this post  Getting started with Arcade in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta   It works in the webmap great of that helps you.  Still waiting for Collector support also.

There is also no way to follow a relationship class.  I really wish relationship classes had more support.  They are one of the best things in Arc but they are usually not supported in most things.

Hope that helps