How to securely share a form with pre-populated fields

04-28-2021 01:51 PM
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Hi S123 Community,

I'm just getting in to my first big Field Maps/S123 Connect/Dashboard project. It's for a landowner database. With the migration to Field Maps/Experience Builder, I'm confused about the best way to approach sharing/filling in forms with pre-populated fields (specifically the property title field or GUID which would connect this non-spatial data back to the property parcel). 

The field workers on this project need to get consent (address, toxins, signatures, phone numbers) from the landowners. Currently the field workers use a secure form signing system like docusign and send this via email before meeting with the landowner in person.

1a) How secure is S123 really?

1b) Is there a way to password protect a S123 link? We only have licences for the field workers, not the 300 landowners.

2) What's the best way to pre-populate fields (specifically the title) and be able to send it like this via a link in an email?

There are roughly 300 landowners, so each link would be unique and the form within that link would contain the unique title to that landowner.

Some work flows I thought of:

-Older articles suggest putting a URL link in the web map pop-up that pre-populates the field. (Is this the method used before the migration to Field Maps/ Experience Builder)?

-Set up a form widget in Experience Builder. The field worker, back at the office, clicks the landowner's polygon, that title transfers to the form widget, then this pre-populated form gets sent in a link to the landowner. Is this even possible, especially the last half of the workflow?

Back up options, but don't really want to go this route.

-Send the S123 link and then include the title in the email. Ask the owner to please copy and paste this into the title part of the form.

-Stick with docusign and once forms filled out add these as attachments.


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