How to Pre-populate a form with a specific record coming from a 1:M Related Records

10-03-2022 03:16 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I have a map with feature layers and related tables which being consumed in my ArcGIS Field Maps. As I select and click a specific parcel feature (one of my feature layers with related tables), feature attribute pops up with a link to a Survey form.

The survey form opens with pre-populated fields coming from the feature layer (parcel) and supposed to be from the related table/s. The attributes coming from the feature layer (parcel) are transferred well. The problem is that the relationship between the parcel and the related table/s is/are 1:M cardinality. The customized URL I put in the configure button contains the right field names that need to be transferred from the table to the form.

The fields in the form are being pre-populated, however, I noticed that by default the form selects the current Object ID from the related records of the specific feature.

Question,  is there a way in Surevy123 Connect wherein as I click the Start Survey link it will give me options on what specific related record from the table (since the cardinality is 1:M) I want to pre-populate in the form? Otherwise, it will always choose the current Object ID (I guess by default).

I will appreciate any hints and ideas you might have. Thank you so much. 🙂 

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This sounds like it might be a similar challenge that we have found. I'd like to see yours before I comment. Can you make a short video or reach out to me so we can walk through it? Then we'll add the answer in the thread.




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Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for your response. Yes, will reach out to you to discuss more of this. 🙂

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